Paleoracism  Prehistoric Times  Fall 2020
How Giant Birds Help Disprove the Existence of a Good God  Free Inquiry  June/July 2018

Go Ahead, Beat Your Dog - If You're Christian  Free Inquiry  February/March 2018

Religion is Not the Solution to America's (or Russia's) Problems  Free Inquiry August/September 2017

The Hadza: A People Without Religion  Free Inquiry  June/July 2017
Jesus Was No Man of Peace: The Bible Says He Was a Violent Coward  Free Inquiry  Feature Article October/November 2015

Is Atheism Increasing at the Expense of Theism?
Science and Religion Today  5/30/12

The Washington Post 'On Faith' six part atheism series -

Atheism on the Upswing in America

    [Over 4,000 Facebook "recommends". Supplements below.]

     Supplement - Who Is One of Them There Atheists? Maybe You Are and Don’t Even Know It

     Supplement - Can Science Be Used to Investigate the Existence and Nature of the Gods? 

Supplement - More on Why Religious Supernaturalism is Far From Universal – And Why it’s Time to
     Knock Off Saying That '9 in 10 Americans Believe in God'

A 'Loving' God, a World of Suffering?  9/26/11

     Supplement - Beauty, It Ain't All It's Cracked Up to Be

     Supplement - It’s The Creator’s Fault if One Exists

Supplement - Challenging All Theodists

Is Religion Good For Society?  10/17/11

From Jesus' Socialism to Capitalistic Christianity 

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     Can We Please Stop Pretending That Christianity is Anti-Socialism? Please? Part One  9/2/11

     Can We Please Stop Pretending That Christianity is Anti-Socialism? Please? Part Two  9/5/11

Atheists Fed Up? Believe It!  6/16/11

Don't Dump On Us Atheists  Coauthor Phil Zuckerman  4/30/11
      Online edition: Why Do Americans Still Dislike Atheists?  4/29/11  

     [Online edition generated about 1500 comments before the article was closed plus 85,000+ Facebook
     "recommendations" and 2500 "Tweets" on Twitter. One of the most widely read opinion pieces in WP's history.]

Free Inquiry 10-11/11
Expanded edition: Stop Dumping On Atheists (Or, Knock Off the Anti-Atheist Bigotry)

Periodic Natural Disasters Bad; Infectious Diseases Far, Far, Far Worse
Edge  When We Cannot Predict (An Edge Special Event!)  3/25/11

Scientists Should Be Scientists
Edge  World Question Center 2011

What's Really Hurting Christianity in America
The Los Angeles Times  10/27/10

The Shroud of Turin: The Great Gothic Art Fraud Because if it's Real the
Brain of Jesus Was the Size of a Protohuman's!

The Secular Web  5/6/10

Why Belief in God is Not Innate (debate with Michael Shermer)
The Wall Street Journal  4/9/10

Why Religion Can't Work: A 2009 Research Primer
Secular Humanism Online News  1/10

Hell If I Know
Edge 1/1/10

   [Included in Is the Internet Changing the Way We Think?: The Net's Impact On Our Minds and Future, ed. John  
   Brockman, published in 2011.]

What Makes Religion Popular - Or Not
Science and Religion Today  12/24/09

Defending Darwin's Science by Taming Social Darwinism
The Washington Post - On Faith  11/23/09

     [Extended version can be accessed at  ]

The Big Religion Questions Finally Solved
Free Inquiry  12/08 - 1/09  

    [A popular preview of the subjects covered in the Evolutionary Psychology Journal paper
    and the Zuckerman book chapter. Cover story.]

    Watch GSP's Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia lecture (82 mins)  12/2/08

The First Major Upgrade of the Human Brain and the Mind It Generates Since the Pleistocene
Edge  World Question Center 1/1/09

   [A quick follow on to the ultimate implications of evolving cybertechnologies I helped  
   present in the book Beyond Humanity, co-authored by Earl Cox.]

Is the Baylor Religion Study Reliable?
Secular Humanism  2/2/09

Reply to Rodney Stark

Secular Humanism  3/16/09

    [A refutation of the potentially fraudulent claims by the Baylor University team that  
    religion is not declining in the US and rest of the west; also see the following….]

Expelled Expired: Creationism is Not Winning
Energygrid Magazine  5/27/08

Creationism in Decline
New Scientist  4/5/08

    [A refutation of the belief that American creationism is gaining ground, the following 
    expansion of includes graphics.]

The Real Reason the Religious Right is Losing America
Energygrid Magazine  1/08

Foreign Policy’s Faux Pas: Why God Belief is Not Winning Here and Abroad 
Free Inquiry  12/06-1/07

    [Covers much of the same issues as the Edge essay with Zuckerman.]

Why the Gods Are Not Winning  Co-author Phil Zuckerman
Edge  4/30/07 

   [A refutation of recent claims that religion is resurgent around the world and in the US, 
   with a discussion of causal factors behind the implosion of western faith.]

The Great Scandal: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of the Nazis
Free Inquiry  Part 1, 10/03-11/03     Part 2, 12/03-1/04
Part 1  Part 2  

    [The result of my exploration of the theological basis of Nazism, and the support provided
    to the movement by the Catholic and German Protestant churches. Cover story.]

The Secular Revolution of the West: It’s Passed America By – So Far  
Free Inquiry  6/22/02

    [An early detailing of the withering of western faith. Much of the analysis on potential
    causal factors has been superseded by more recent work. Cover story.]

Demography of Unbelief
Tom Flynn ed. 07 The New Encyclopedia of Unbelief 

   [Rated by editor and Paul Kurtz as the most important entry.]

Abstinence: A Sound Choice, But It Won't Stop Youth Sex

The Washington Post  6/1/02

    [See the Pediatrics piece in the Technical Articles section for a more up to date, technical discussion of the subject.]


Response to 'What is the Biggest Threat Posed by America's Rejection of Darwinism?'
WASHline 2/06

A Tale of Two Entities: Whales and Hippos
Reports For the National Center for Science Education 9-12/01

Creationism in Denial
The Washington Times  11/4/01

Natural Selection is Happening All the Time

The Fairfax (VA) Journal  8/23/01

On Apes, Evolution and Theory
WASHline (Newsletter of Washington Area Secular Humanists) 4/97

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